Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Blogger

I have never blogged or had a desire to blog before now. My decision to start has many reasons. I want to expand my abilities as a potential employee (if I get one of the many jobs I've applied for as a social media manager-manager meaning I'm under qualified), to see what blogging is all about, and to share my photography. I've always enjoyed taking pictures partly because my dad is a photographer, and I've grown up around it. I also enjoy it because you can capture so many beautiful things whether it is a small part of a landscape or just your friends having fun. I've always thought that I wouldn't want to be a photographer when I was younger, but I have noticed that I create the same response out of people, especially from my boyfriend, that I used to give my dad, "Daaaad, stop taking my picture!". In Will's case, "Eriiiiin, stop taking my picture!" I guess I should've seen it coming. I've always loved thinking of new poses while sitting in my dad's studio when I was too young to stay home alone, creating new "scenes" on his backgrounds, and looking at the photos in my Pa's old National Geographics. It is a talent, or lack there of, and a passion that I gladly accept from my father. I hope you enjoy my pictures. I can't say how much I'll actually update it and will probably start with pictures at least a year old, but I hope to add new ones frequently. Enjoy! :)


  1. Love it Erin. I've been wanting to create a blog too, just not sure where to start. You might have just inspired me. Miss you! -Sarah LaRue

  2. Hey... at the top of bottom of your blog, you might want to put down a copyright notice - obviously really important for a photographer. If you wanna see what I did for mine, just look at the very bottom of the page here: http://blog.daniellehanifin.com